Women's Classic Knee-high MAREA 40 - Giulia ™

An indispensable accessory for women's everyday comfort is the high, classic MAREA 40 socks of medium density from the GIULIA trademark. They not only perform a decorative function, but also practical, because they have a pressure gradient along the entire length, so the legs will be less tired and swollen This is very important for the ladies, especially for the active.
Women's golf socks are made of matte and elastic polyamide with a density of 40 DEN, its silky and smooth structure is pleasant to the touch and to the skin. Their height is standard, almost reaching the knee. Also, a characteristic feature of this model is the special "top-comfort" elastic band 6 cm wide. It is very elastic and incredibly comfortable because it does not squeeze the legs.

Composition: 92% - polyamide , 8% - elastane