About us

LLC Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrika carries out the production of hosiery under the brand     and other trademarks. LLC Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrika is a professional manufacturer of tights, seamless and hosiery.


The assortment of TM GIULIA consists of more than 3,000 items of tights, stockings, knee - highs, socks and knitted products in seamless technology, which include:


  • More than 60 models of classic tights made of polyamide and cotton for women
  • More than 1000 models of fancy tights made of polyamide and cotton
  • Over 150 models of polyamide and cotton tights for children


  • Over 250 articles of women's socks and cotton knee - highs
  • Over 100 articles of women's socks and knee - highs made of polyamide
  • More than 100 models of monofilament socks for women and children


  • More than 100 models of children's socks and cotton knee- highs
  • More than 50 models of children's socks and knee - highs made of polyamide


  • Over 100 items of men's socks


  • Over 100 items of seamless underwear
  • Over 100 articles of seamless sportswear


Under the TM GIULIA LLC Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrika, twice a year, releases new fantasy collections for all categories of products.

In addition to the main AW, SS collections, several times a year we develop capsule Flash collections reflecting mainstream trends.

We are professionals in Fast-fashion!



LLC Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrikа is a market leader in hosiery. From the small town of Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, we produce products for more than 50 Private Labels known in Ukraine and around the world.


Agree, few people look at the mark "Manufacturer" by going to the store of the world famous brand. Anyone can purchase products

LLC Novomoskoska knitting factory, without even realizing it  


After all, we produce 100,000 pairs a day and they all go to more than 50 countries and decorate the legs of many people on planet Earth.


It all started in 1997. In Ukraine, we founded a private wholesale business selling hosiery of famous brands. In a short period of time, the company has become a leader in sales and volumes with the effective work of distributors, offices and a chain of stores in all major cities of Ukraine.


The factory was opened in 2000 after studying the experience of well-known manufacturing enterprises, as well as visiting more than 25 factories in the world and developing a project that combined European technology and Ukrainian national product features.


Using proprietary equipment and best practices, we have reached a production capacity of 100,000 pairs per day.


Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrika LLC studied each process from the inside, starting with product packaging. Soon there were knitting workshops, a knitwear processing workshop with an accredited laboratory, and an automatic and manual sewing, forming and packaging workshop with an independent quality department to check products at every stage - from development to the finished product.


Our main advantage is a complete production cycle, which begins with the preparation of the thread and ends with the final product, including knitting, sewing, dyeing and packaging.


We effectively sell our product both in the domestic market and in the markets of Austria, Germany, USA, England, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Spain and others.


  • Discounts up to -50% for wholesale customers.


In 2013, it was decided to open a retail network called GIULIA.



GIULIA stores offer their customers high quality goods and at affordable prices from a major Ukrainian manufacturer of hosiery products, Novomoskovskaya Trikotazhnaya Fabrika LLC.


GIULIA has in its range exclusive fashion collections and a constant large selection of classic tights, a variety of socks and seamless underwear, which are the basis of the range of GIULIA stores.

Also under the GIULIA brand in retail stores, collections of home clothes and corset lingerie are presented. In GIULIA stores you will find products not only for women but also for men and children.


GIULIA TM products represent world fashion trends, trendy models and colors.


More than 70 stores, conveniently located in different parts of Ukraine, offer buyers:

● tights and stockings

● socks and socks

● seamless underwear

● corset underwear

● home clothes

● clothes for sports

● swimwear and more.


In September 2020, the first store in a new concept was opened (Forum shopping mall, Lviv)



The new concept of the GIULIA store fully reveals the potential of the brand and shows a wide range of products. Thanks to the structured placement of goods of each category according to their properties and directions, the new concept turned out to be very convenient for the consumer. The functional and adaptive concept is designed to respond quickly to changing seasons and change supply based on changing demand.


All this together conveys the main message about the brand to our consumers: GIULIA - modern, dynamic, bright, clear and with a wide range.


GIULIA is always there!


In 2020, the retail network GIULIA, continuing to take care of customer service, opened an online store GIULIA.COM.UA


Buyers of the branded network now have the opportunity to:


● Choose your favorite products on the Internet without leaving home;

● Use promotions and offers of the retail network

● Make purchases with delivery.

● Learn about new products

● Participate in promotional events

 GIULIA.COM.UA is working to create additional facilities for customers, such as:


● Ability to use your discount card when ordering online;

● Purchase of gift certificates of various denominations;

● Ability to pick up orders by pick-up from the nearest store


The range, prices, promotions of the online store GIULIA.COM.UA are the same as offline stores.

In 2012, was founded an online-shop of oue partner — KOLGOT.net

The Internet boutique «KOLGOT.net» directly cooperates with the Novomoskovsk Knitting Factory. Due to this, all products are sold with a minimum margin. Here you can buy tights, knee-highs, stockings, socks, leggings, underwear and knitted clothes of domestic production.


  • «KOLGOT.net» are the first to receive new products from ТМ GIULIA.
  • All prices on the site are presented for 1 unit of goods.
  • The minimum order amount has not been set.
  • More than 150 models of tights and stockings for all seasons.
  • Application processing in 15 minutes.
  • Online consultations on the selection of size, model, color.
  • Over 300 satisfied customers daily.
  • Free delivery of orders throughout Ukraine.
  • Weekly sales and promotions.

Production stages


Checking incoming raw materials
All incoming raw materials are thoroughly tested in an equipped laboratory: each article must fit into the established framework of quality standards regarding the titer, oil content, the number of pneumatic connections, elongation and strength, the number of TPM (number of in turns per meter). Laboratory control is required to verify the parameters of the feedstock at the beginning of the production cycle, or in the case of a change in raw materials or production machine.

Thread processing workshop
The guarantor of our quality, on which braided and pneumatically connected threads are produced. To produce high-quality braided yarn, it is necessary to go through a complex step-by-step process, the technological chain of which has existed for more than 20 years. It consists of three stages: ∙ preparation of polyamide on coils, ∙ the applet ∙ rewind. In the workshops, temperature and humidity modes are constantly maintained, which reduce the tension of the elastane thread, which makes the finished thread more durable.



Knitting workshop
Production is carried out on Italian equipment LONATI. For the manufacture of two tube-shaped blanks, which become the basis for future tights, it takes from 2 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the design of the model. Special conditions have been created for temperature conditions and humidity: t 22-24 C, humidity 65-70%. On each machine there is a routing, which contains all the information about the manufactured article. Sizes are checked during the shift on the dynamic CETME form, the result of the check is recorded in the act.

Relaxation workshop
On which stress relieving from threads in special chambers takes place. Relaxation takes place in special machines under vacuum, special temperature - dry steam, and time, different for each product.



Sewing workshop
First, there is a cut of tights, then tailoring the toe; stitching gusset and torso with a flat or round seam. Also in this section, the sewing of lace to the tube takes place. After two tubes have become a product, they must be painted.

There is an accredited laboratory at the painting site for developing colors and checking color stability. Also at this production site softeners and flavorings are added to the product.



Forming, quality control, packaging
In order for the product to obtain a presentation, it must be molded. After molding, all products pass the metal control zone, quality control and are sent to packaging products.